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my new scarf.

I mentioned my new scarf in last Friday’s ‘five things’ post, and I promised more information. Well, here it is.

My friend Kj makes scarves. She has a remarkably awesome process of making said scarves which includes a pre-scarf interview to get your general feelings about the as yet non-existent scarf, a wonderful naming of the scarf by Kj, an official bestowal ceremony where pictures of the new friends (in this case me and the scarf) are taken, and a post-scarf interview that becomes part of a blog post Kj writes about every scarf she creates.

I highly recommend checking out **her new post about my scarf,** which, as I said, includes the post-scarf interview, and Kj’s thoughts on the creation of ‘Arcade Philosopher’ (which is the name of my scarf). Although, I should point out that Kj speaks flatteringly of me to the point I think she may be confusing me with one of her other friends.


new mhgs video.

Hey everyone, check out the new MHGS video. It’s got some of my favorite people in it, and it is well worth the five minutes.

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