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another mighty return of ‘five things.’ [8.4.09]

I know, I know, the blog has been really short on writing of late. Well, that’s a trend that is going to continue today. I’ve missed the old ‘five things’ posts, but haven’t had time or energy to write them. So, I’m going to compromise, I’m return to five things, but without the normal amount of writing. I’ll share with you what I’ve been enjoying lately, but with very little explanation. However, I’ll make up for it with pictures and videos. Plus, since I’ve gone so long without it I’ll try to do it more than once a week.

1. Regina Spektor – Far

Regina is back up to her beautiful old tricks again. Lovely.



2. Gears of War 2

Visually stunning, addictively enjoyable, and twistedly satisfying in all the ways a video game should be.

Gears of War 2

By the way, I love this trailer!


3. True Blood

True Blood

The first season of True Blood was more of a guilty pleasure for me. I wasn’t always wowed by it, especially with the distractingly bad acting by Anna Paquin (sorry Anna), but for whatever reason I always wanted to keep watching.

Season Two is not a guilty pleasure, it’s just a pleasure. It’s painful when an episode ends and I know I need to wait an entire week for another installment. Soooooo good.

In addition, when did Eric become my favorite character? That really snuck up on me.


4. M. Ward

My love affair with the music of M. Ward is nothing new, it’s just been particularly intense of late. He climbs a little higher into the ranks of my favorite artists all the time.

M. Ward


5. Prototype

Yes, another video game. In this one, you’re basically a super anti-hero with unimaginable power that continues to grow throughout the game. I haven’t had time to get very far into the game yet, but so far it is a brutally good time. It even comes complete with zombies. What more could you ask for?


A brief caution, the following cinematic is for mature audiences only. Just thought I’d give the heads up.


the informant. [movie trailer]


the kradeikis boys.

SudeikisI think it’s high time someone wrote a screenplay in which John Krasinski and Jason Sudeikis play brothers. I know, you normally shouldn’t write a screenplay based on that sort of idea alone… but damnit, it’s just too perfect to ignore.

This is simply a project crying out to be made. The guys have similar features, something about their look which makes it easily believable they might be related, but it goes deeper than that. I think it first struck me back when Sudeikis was on 30 Rock as The Floydster; but Sudeikis and Krasinski both have an affable, effortless charm that just makes you want to be close to them.  This is the reason for my wife’s crush on Krasinski (which is balanced out in this particular case by its counterpoint, my crush on Jenna Fischer, which I bet is probably pretty common in households throughout America, but that’s an entirelyJohn Krasinski different post).

If you date men, at least the ‘nice guy’ variety, these guys are the poster children for that charming guy you are proud to take home to mom. If you don’t date men, their equally attractive as the cool, funny best friend. They’re both hilarious, self-effacing guys, each with an equally disarming air of good humor about them. They should totally play brothers in a movie.

Then again, maybe their too nice and sweet, I’m not sure what an interesting premise for a movie might be. They’d be good con men, since something about them makes you want to trust them… maybe that can be the movie: Two brothers, con men with a heart of gold, who use their powers for good instead of evil, like Robin Hood. Cliche to begin with, sure, but not necessarily unentertaining if written well. There it is, green light this concept and get it rolling.

What ideas do you have, my fine friends out in the series of tubes we call the interweb?


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