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five things. 11.14.08

1. The New Watchmen Trailer –

Thanks to Jesse’s comment on this week’s Trailer Park Tuesday I was able to see the new Watchmen trailer. I know, I’m slipping this last two weeks.

Anyway, it obviously needs to be included in this week’s ‘five things’.

2. Drunk History –

If you’ve already been blessed by the hilarity of Drunk History then this is just a refresher. However, if you are still a virgin to this wonderful world then today your life changes for the better.

It’s just like the History Channel, but the historians are drunk and the actors recreating the scenes are talented individuals like Jack Black and Michael Cera, among others.

Here is where I insert the language warning as a courtesy to my readers, the ‘gloaming and dawn’ equivalent of the parental advisory sticker. Then, with that out of the way, it’s on with the show.

Drunk History: Vol. 1

Drunk History: Vol. 2

Drunk History: Vol. 3

Drunk History: Vol. 4


Drunk History: 2.5

3. TNF –

My hope this year before the football season started was to invite as many people as would come to our place on Monday nights to enjoy some Monday Night Football on ESPN. Sadly, my friends and I quickly realized that the counseling students had a class on Monday nights, making our MNF dates impossible.

That led to plan B, Thursday Night Football. We had to wait a while since Thursday night games weren’t starting on NFL Network until Week 10, but alas, the time has come.

Two weeks ago we had two guests to watch Brady Quinn’s debut against the Broncos, but last night our numbers grew to six guests for the Jets/Pats game. It was a great night of beer (including the tasty Rogue Dead Guy Ale), football, Drunk History, laughter and great company. I hope there is more to come!

4. Quantum Of Solace And The New Cinerama Seats –

At the time of this writing, I still haven’t experienced either of these yet. That will come later this evening. However, Em and I have been looking forward to this for some time. We’ve been excited about the new seats at Cinerama since word came that they were on their way, and I myself have been excited about the new Bond since the moment the credits rolled on Casino Royale the first time I saw it.

I suppose there is always the potential for disappointment in both respects, but I can’t wait until tonight either way.

5. Brian’s Interview At The Art Institute –

Brian had a good first experience at The Art Institute and he seems really excited about what the opportunity might mean for him. Em and I are excited on his behalf, hoping that the potential of this moment bears fruit and that Brian moves further into his vocation.

It’s an exciting time to see someone you love on the verge of something exciting and new, and I’m grateful for it.


five things. 11.7.08

1. Q-Tip – The Renaissance –

Q-TipThere is no more appropriate emcee name in all of Hip Hop than Tribe alum Q-Tip. I have no idea where his name came from, or what his intentions were in either adopting or accepting this particular moniker before changing Hip Hop forever. Yet, whatever his intent, Q-Tip is a fantastically fitting name.

Q-Tip is the brand name that has replaced the more generic term, cotton swabs, much like Kleenex is what many people call tissues. Thus, most associate Q-Tip with the product designed to be soft to avoid friction upon entering one’s ear. So, what better name could an emcee like Q-Tip have, with his smooth, easy voice that belies the complex poetry of his lyrics. When Q-Tip speaks, his words enter our ears without the friction caused by much of the awkward lyrics, and inaudible grunting and yelling that characterizes so much of the garbage that passes itself off as rap on the radio. His voice is the perfect compliment to the jazz heavy Hip Hop that A Tribe Called Quest created throughout my childhood.


So, in a time where most rap makes my ears hurt, Q-Tip is the perfect remedy to join the ranks of Mos Def, Common, The Roots, Talib Kweli and the like, to sooth my ears and resume his role as champion for Hip Hop as art as opposed to Hip Hop as mindless club anthems. That is why it is in line with this theme of appropriate names that Q-Tip’s new CD is called The Renaissance, hopefully it will bring about the sort of renewed life and artistic inspiration the name promises.

I’ve listened to it about three times through since I got it on Tuesday, and it hasn’t disappointed.

Now, if only Tip would get back together with Phife and the boys and release another Tribe album, my life might just be complete.

2. Brian is coming Tuesday –

This one is pretty self-explanatory, Brian is coming on Tuesday in the hopes of testing out the job market here to see if he can make money out here in Seattle. Emily and I hope it goes well, so that Brian will soon be living in our happy home.

3. 4. AND 5. President-elect Barack Obama –

He got the electoral votes at more than 2-1, so it’s only fitting that he gets to take up slots in this week’s five things 3-2.


I’m ecstatic that Barack Obama was elected president, and I have been closely following the initial stages of his transition toward being the the 44th President of the United States. I know he has a huge mess to face when he enters office, but I am continually taken by the integrity of his character and the focus of his leadership and I think he is our best chance of turning things around.

There, I said it (or wrote it to be more precise). I’ve been quite careful about including my thoughts on Obama very often, and to be honest, I’m tired of it. My fear was that this blog would become the target of the ugly political rhetoric that has been so tiresome to so many and I didn’t want to deal with it.

Well, I’m done hiding behind carefully chosen fluff, and if you feel the need to attack me with the sort of unbecoming, hate-filled bitterness that flooded Facebook and Twitter from so many of my “Christian” friends, so be it.

I believe in the leadership of Barack Obama… sue me. Many have been telling me from the very beginning how foolish that is. I would need more than two hands to count my conservative friends who responded to the articulation of my feelings about Obama back in 2004 (after both his DNC speech and his interaction with Sojourners), by telling me how impossible that would be. The primary reasons they gave were that not enough white people would actually cast their vote for a black man, and that he could never survive a tussle with the Clinton machine. Well, I’m tired of feeling foolish about my beliefs when nothing anyone has told me to dissuade me has had anything to do with reality thus far. He is stronger and better equipped to lead than you give him credit for, so let’s focus on concrete debate about policies and let go of the silly character attacks that just make people sound like 2nd Graders fighting over a swing.

The thing that bothers me the most about the reaction to Obama’s victory is the insensitivity by so many toward what this means for our country. People who grew up in a country where they were forced to eat behind a divider at a restaurant because of the color of their skin, who couldn’t drink out of the same water fountain or use the same bathroom, who were treated like sub-human beings, were just able to vote for a black man to be the President of that same country. A people who are continually treated as second class citizens in far too many contexts experienced the validation of having a black man win more than 2-1 electorally, with a very impressive percentage of the popular vote, getting a mandate from the people that he can lead our country, as well as a mandate that we really are moving forward socially. Pardon the following language, but THAT’S FUCKING HUGE, and I’m quite honestly embarassed for you if you can’t see that.

I have many Republican, conservative, evangelical friends, like Catherine Golden and Bryanne Figlia, who voted for McCain, disagree with Obama’s politics and would vote for McCain again if given the chance, but who were still able to appreciate the beauty and history of what Obama’s victory means. As well as those like Waldo, whose views and ideals wouldn’t let them vote for Obama, but who, as Waldo’s post yesterday indicates, understand that this moment matters. I disagree with them on much politically, and I couldn’t be prouder to count them as friends.

All of us share the collective consciousness of 9/11 and that tragedy. It was our Dr. King or JFK assasination. But now, I’m so grateful to have been able to share with so many others a moment of a very different kind. This is our moon landing. Whatever happens next, this is a beautiful moment in our our history. I’m so happy that there are seven wonderful people aside from Emily and me who will always remember that they were in our living room when this history was made.

Anyway, that’s enough of that for now. Perhaps soon I will write about how, while Obama’s victory was a beautiful moment and indication of our progress, the bans on same-sex marriage is a sad indication of the opposite, and of the work yet to be done socially. For now, these pictures of Obama are well worth checking out, keep clicking the ‘show more images’ link.

I strongly welcome comments to this post, but please let them be actual dialogue and not bitter ranting. Thanks.

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