So, I was looking through my recent posts and I was noticing that a few of the movie trailers that I had posted were taken down. Basically, someone responsible for the film somewhere took down the videos from YouTube and thus my site no longer has access to them.

I find this terribly confusing. I am hoping that someone out there in internet land can help me understand. It seems that the movie companies are trying to control where their trailers are displayed. They want you to have to go to official websites and such as opposed to allowing everyone to be able to embed it on their blog. Why on earth is this the case?

Movie distribution companies pay out a shit ton of money to put the trailers for their movies on television. The reason being that the more people who can see your trailer, the more people who are likely to go see your movie. If that is the case, then why wouldn’t you want everybody and their sister to be able to post the trailer on their blog. If I can take it from YouTube and post it here, then all 30 people who read this blog are more likely to go to the movies. That’s 30 people, practically a million!

Seriously though, bloggers are everywhere, many doing exactly what Aziz Ansari and I do with our blogs, just posting random crap we like, while occasionally including actual writing from time to time. That ends up getting your trailer posted before a lot of eyes. If anything, the viral marketing campaigns have proven that movie companies should be encouraging us to embed trailers. Many companies have taken on this strategy of encouraging the blogosphere. What is keeping the others from seeing the value there?

I have a similar rant percolating in my brain about television networks keeping us from posting clips from their shows, but I will save that for later. In the mean time, does anyone know why they are taking down the trailers this way?

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