colbert is brilliant.

I kept forgetting to post this link. Stephen Colbert and his writing staff must have shown up early the day they gave out genius. This edition of The Word is so spot on, it’s beautiful. By using satire and sarcasm to take the ugliness in various ideologies to their logical conclusion he often holds quite a bit of truth within his humor. In this case, he does a remarkable job pointing out the racism surrounding the Sotomayor nomination, and not only there, but hiding within so much of our cultural landscape. I get so tired of ‘white’ and ‘neutral’ meaning the same thing, as if white people aren’t biased, and don’t have cultural hang-ups, but everyone else does. I keep typing sentences and erasing them because I am getting worked up, and the people closest to me are probably tired of hearing me rant about it, so I’ll stop there and let Colbert do the talking. If you haven’t seen it, you should check it out here: Neutral Man’s Burden.

However, I would love conversation around this stuff, so feel free to comment or email me or call me or whatever!


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