i love cheap movies and flickchart.

I love Blockbuster’s model for getting rid of previously viewed DVD’s! To walk in and lovingly peruse the tables of 3 for $20 and 4 for $20 is a wonderful thing. Since our plan is to eventually upgrade to BluRay (Emily has been surprisingly interested lately in a PlayStation 3) we have stopped buying new DVDs, but when you can grab a few previously viewed flicks for $5-$7 each, it is too good to pass up. Today, our haul consisted of The Dark Knight, The Wrestler, Role Models, Seven Pounds, Quantum of Solace, and JCVD. To add films like TDK and The Wrestler to our collection so affordably is a wonderful thing, thanks Blockbuster!

Also, speaking of movies, I am addicted to flickchart.com. It’s a site that ranks movies, showing you a list of your favorite movies, as well as a cumulative ranking based on the favorites of everyone who uses flickchart. What they do is simply display two movies at a time, and you pick which one you like the most, then repeat the process again and again. The more times you pick, the more accurate your list becomes. The site is still Beta, so there are definite weaknesses, two examples are the fact that many movies are still missing and the fact that it is difficult to find other users you might know on the site since there is no search feature for users. However, those are easy to fix, and I am sure it will happen in due time. At the moment, you have to get an invite to join… that is unless you go here and click on the link at the bottom of the story to bypass said invitation process. The site is a total timesink, and I love it!

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