with eyes of flame. [clip of the week. 1.28.09]

This week’s clip, or clips to be more precise, are a bit of a departure from the recent music videos, but it is music related nonetheless.

Not being one to watch any reality television, I had never even heard of the show “America’s Best Dance Crew” before, and if I had heard of it, I wouldn’t have watched it. It’s general premise too reminiscent of titles like “America’s Got Talent,” for my taste. This being the case, I’d never heard of the Jabbawockeez until they made it into that “G” Gatorade commercial. Originally, I had no idea what G stood for, or who the Jabbawockeez were, so I went to the internets to do some research.

I’m damn glad I did. Perhaps you’ve all heard of these guys before and I’m the last to the party. If not, believe me when I say these guys are ridiculous. In the vast, barren deserts that are Hip Hop dance and reality television, the Jabbawockeez are a bright, shining gem at the bottom of a beautiful oasis. Normally, dancing in popular culture doesn’t excite me much, mostly because it is usually awful. Not so with these guys, they’re the real deal!

They have a level of individual talent and overall tightness that is awe inspiring. The masks are great too, both because they accentuate the fact that they dance as a unit, and because they’re damn cool.

I confess, watching them just flat out makes me happier than I had been.

Eh, enough of my raving, on with the clips of the week! I wanted to post some videos separately as opposed to in a compilation, but each routine is great, so it is worth the eleven minutes. I promise! Watch it now. Do it. (If you don’t feel like watching the whole thing, I suggest at least watching the last half, especially the Michael Jackson themed on about 5 minutes in and the second to last routine.)


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