the diet update.

As it would turn out, I was pretty overwhelmed with the response to my ‘trouble with dairy’ post. Thanks to everyone for the condolences and the congratulations alike, they were all much needed and appreciated.

The result of this response is that I am going to share this journey, at least bits of it, here at gloaming and dawn. Even as I write that I think of how appropriate the title of the blog is for chronicling the upcoming adventure, as one way of life ends, and hopefully a new way of life emerges. Just another example of that crazy, tragic and beautiful dance between death and life.

My new diet hasn’t actually begun yet. My Dr. recommended that I prepare for this new diet for a few weeks and then launch it intentionally as opposed to running into it too quickly and screwing it up after fours days so that I need to start over several times. Thus, Emily and I have decided that the night of the Super Bowl will be my last night with dairy before I begin my three month purge, and my lifelong limitation of dairy and garlic. Mind you, that doesn’t mean I am going to gorge on dairy for the next few weeks to get it in while I still can, but it does mean I will do some of the things I will miss, like getting some Screamers at Mama’s Mexican Kitchen, eating some good cheeseburgers, and enjoying some tasty milk shakes.  All the while researching new recipes and such so we can hit the ground running when February rolls around.

More to come. Thanks for caring everybody.


1 Response to “the diet update.”

  1. 1 Tom Ryan
    January 8, 2009 at 12:10 pm

    Yo Scott – I’ve been playing with my diet for similar (and totally different) reasons off and on over this past year. Since it can be a lonely pursuit, thought I’d chime in with some of what I learned about drastic diet changes this past year.

    1) Have a partner. Your wife doesn’t need to follow the same diet as you, but the more she can be on your “team” (so to speak), cooking you food without that which you’re trying to avoid and encouraging you during those tough early days, the better off you’ll be.

    2) The first few weeks are painful, really. There’s no way around it. While long-term you may feel wonderful, your body is used to what you’ve fed it. So prepare to be grumpy, irritable, and have profound longings for things you can’t have.

    3) Set yourself a goal. If you’re beginning super bowl sunday (a good beginning) set for yourself Tax Day or Memorial Day to wrap up. It keeps you focused on this first time frame and, by the time you reach your goal, you may not even want to introduce those foods back in to your diet.

    4) I’ve been reading a profound book lately called “In Defense of Food.” It’s a helpful guide, I think, for people who are trying to eat in a way that honors food systems and whole foods. Might be worth your time.

    It’s a tough road, for sure, but you’ll feel tremendous. Good luck, brother.

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