five things. 10.17.08 [the great story/lots of video edition]

This week’s five things is dedicated to stories. Often I feel blessed and appreciative when I encounter a great story, whether in film, in a novel, or anywhere. This week it seemed like I encountered a great story wherever I turned. It was quite nice. My week was greatly improved by the novels I read, the movies I watched, and a songwriter who tells stories in song as well as anyone.

1. Son of Rambow –– I LOVED Son of Rambow. You should rent it and watch it immediately!

2. Ben Folds – Way To Normal – Ben Folds finally has a new CD out, the follow up to 2005’s brilliant Songs For Silverman. As my last.fm page will attest, I’ve been listening to it pretty regularly since it came out September 30th.

Here is a small sample of the CD, for your viewing and listening pleasure. As always, it has Folds and friends at their typical antics, with a combination of serious musicianship and not a little sarcasm to let us all know he’ll never take himself too seriously. Enjoy:

3. Watership Down – Next in the theme of great stories I encountered this week is Watership Down. Yet another splendid tale that affirms to me the power of so-called ‘fiction’ to teach and inspire.

I doubt I’ll ever look at rabbits the same way again.

4. Ender’s Game  I expected this book to be great as numerous people told me how good it was, most recently Jesse. Even with high expectations, the book exceeded them. If I didn’t have other obligations I would have read it from beginning to end without stopping.

It was just a fantastic story, brilliantly told. I doubt I’ll ever look at little kid geniuses being groomed into intergalactic battle commanders the same way again.

5. The FallThe Fall was a beautiful film in every way. I loved its interaction with the meaning and power of storytelling, it’s engagement with the mystery of shared imagination, it’s pondering of the redemptive power of innocence, and, well, just about everything. A wonderful film full of tragedy and hope. One of my favorite films out of the 121 I’ve seen this year.


2 Responses to “five things. 10.17.08 [the great story/lots of video edition]”

  1. October 19, 2008 at 1:29 pm

    The Fall was great! And beautiful! That reminds me that I might want to buy it. That little girl was adorable. Also, I keep meaning to read Ender’s Game…I should get on that.

  2. 2 Jesse
    October 26, 2008 at 5:02 pm

    As great as “Ender’s Game” is, “Speaker for the Dead” may actually be better. I read that one and the next sequel, “Xenocide,” but sort of got tired of the characters by the time I tried to move on to “Children of the Mind.” I should revisit that one of these days.

    A film adaptation of “Ender’s Game” has been trapped in development hell for ages. Imagine what the fantasy computer game sequences could be like.

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